Coaching Programs

Becoming A Skilled Youth Hockey Coach
Level 1 Orientation Program
by Greg Siller - Pro Learning Systems

This program focuses on the principles of coaching as well as the skills and strategies of roller or ice hockey and prepares each participant to be a Level 1 hockey coach. The intended audience includes coaches, league directors, and parents. Objectives of this program include:

Part 1 - The Principles of Coaching

Part 2 - Skills And Strategies Of Roller/Ice Hockey

The book
Roller Hockey: Skills And Strategies For Winning On Wheels will be made available to all coaches at a discounted price during this program.

Excelling As An Amateur Hockey Coach
Level 2 Program
by Greg Siller - Pro Learning Systems

This course will be tailored to your individual needs, focussing on specific aspects of the game of roller or ice hockey that you or your team needs improvement on. Please contact Greg at the following address to discuss how your team can benefit from this program.

Greg Siller has over 25 years of ice and roller hockey experience gained throughout the United States and Canada. He is a roller hockey coach, official, and senior-level player in Southern California. Greg presents coaching and player development clinics and also writes for several roller and ice hockey magazines. Here's hoping that you will soon be Winning On Wheels!

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